EXID begins the last full activity ahead of the transition.
EXID’s mini album “WE” was launched at the Blue Square Eye Market Hall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on April 15 at 4 pm. “I always seem to tremble before the first public release, and I’m still trembling,” said LE, who was about to release the album. Hyerin also said, “I do not feel it now, but it seems to happen when flash baptism breaks out.”

After having finished the new song “ME & YOU”, LE said, “It is unfortunate and unfortunate that I was not able to participate in the dance due to the ankle ligament rupture.” However, the members were hard practicing because the dance was strong this time.

“I was trembling, but I felt good, I did not feel bad,” Soji said. He also said, “I prepared my album so hard, I feel comeback when I perform on stage, so I think activity is expected.”

EXID enters the transition phase for the last time. Honey and the cleansing contract has expired with the agency and the remaining 3 members will focus on personal activities for the time being. Asked whether there was a problem ahead of the transition period, Sozgeh said, “This moment was more important than anxiety, so I thought it would be more precious time to work harder. “I was so precious that I was so precious that it was a valuable time from the preparation to the present moment, and it seemed to be a meaningful time,” he added. Honey and Sorge, who expressed such a sad mind, said that they shed tears in the process of writing the song “WE ARE”. He said, “LE gave me a mission to write the lyrics together,” and “I cried when I sent the lyrics through the messenger.” The remedy was “I had a lucky guy in the recording studio” “He said. LE also said, “The song was about to be discontinued.

Sorge said, “There are five stories in it, and it is a sadness, but sadness has come to us, and it seems to me that we are talking about it.” LE said, “My sister is crying so often,” she said, nervous, “We were sad, but we stopped feeling.”

However, EXID was not able to say that this activity was not the decline but the last transition. LE said, “We have talked a great deal about this part of the world,” he said. “I think we could make this choice because we understand each other, love each other and acknowledge each other. In particular, three members of the remaining members are working with EXID, “I do not think EXID is a three-member system. I want to have five people together,” he said. . “It’s not the last time, but it’s not the last time,” says LE. “It’s the last album before the turnaround, but we’re having a lot of stories with each other, so I do not think you’ll have to worry too much.” “I have been a role model since I was a rookie,” he said, adding, “It is my dream to work together wherever I am, and I would not run for the dream.” Finally, It seems that fans are worried about the current situation. Now, I hope that your fans will appreciate it. I want to say that I want to have memories together happily. ”

EXID’s new album ‘WE’ focuses on the message ‘we are more than individuals’. It was planned as an extension of the solo songs of each member who showed in “FULL MOON” released in 2017, but was newly born as a group song to emphasize the theme of “us.” The title song ‘ME & YOU’ is a song of Mumbatone genre that starts with a lyrical melody and shows a charismatic reversal. I have expressed the lyrics to my lover, who declares that he is no longer ours, in a strong voice unique to EXID. Meanwhile, EXID’s album ‘WE’ will be released at 6 pm on the 15th.

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