MBC ‘Radio Star’ broadcast on the 25th featured ‘Your Body User Manual’ featuring Eun Eun-hye, Hong Hye-girl, Hyun-mo An, and Seung-yun Lee to share various stories about health. 

“Every time I go out of a program, I think that I have to be careful and it is piled up in me,” Yun Eun-hye said. “There is a compulsion to choose Las, and it’s fun to do it.

He said, “I think that getting rid of trauma could be a way to get back to the rookie’s attitude.” 

Ahn Hyun-mo said, “I thought there was a lot of resemblance to me because Kim Gu-ra did other programs together. But my husband suddenly came out on the air and suddenly I said I was a soul mate with Kim Gu-ra.”

Ahn Hyun-mo said, “I hate useless things and like practical things. Every time I see Lars, he talks a lot in my mind.”

Hyun-Mo Ahn attracted attention by saying, “I’m a fan of Ahn Young-mi. I want to live like Ahn Young-mi in my next life. I’m so pretty. I thought about the clothes and hairstyle I wore last time and I thought I’d come out with it today.”

Lee Seung-yun said, “I’m sorry for Mr. Reamer. When Mr. Reamer comes out, there are many stories that he resembles Seung-yun Lee. Sometimes, when Mr. Reamer appears on TV, he sees me again.”

Ahn Hyun-mo said, “If you hear this story, you’ll love it. Mr. Reimer lives with Mr. Seung-yun Lee. Before eating, he said, ‘I was a natural person, and I started eating and then I ate.’

“I saw a lot of people who died because I was working in a hospital,” Hong Hye-gul said. “When something happened to me, I told her to find out that I really loved and appreciate her even if my wife wasn’t next to me.” 

In response, Kim Gu-ra said, “Is it only necessary to have winter when I die?” Hong Hye-gal said, “Winter gives a different happiness from my wife. Even if I put something on social media and drink and come in, it will make me happy.”

Yun Eun-hye mentioned the dramas ‘Gung’ and ‘Coffee Prince No. 1’. Yun Eun-hye said, “I did very good works too quickly. It was the best condition.

Then Eun-hye Yoon said, “Then I became so sensitive. I couldn’t sleep for 30 days before entering the work.”

Yoon Eun-hye said, “I met the members of ‘Coffee Prince No. 1’, and I didn’t drink at that time. Everyone sent them out and sent them out. 

Hong Hye-geul said, “There was a public contact from ‘The King of Mask Singer.’

Then Hong Hye-gal said, “I sang Lee Moon-se’s ‘Old Love’. I think she sings well in her own way.” However, MCs who listened to Hong Hye-gul’s songs showed embarrassment and turned her surroundings into a sea of ​​laughter. 

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