The couple, Yoon-ji Lee and Han-ul Jung, and their daughter Rani went to an obstetrics and gynecologist to visit their son Ladoll. 
Suddenly, Lee Yoon-ji, who said that Ladoll was giving birth to D-40 days, was tense on the upcoming scheduled date. 

Rani looked at her son Radoli for the first time and looked at the ultrasound in detail. I couldn’t take my eyes off the thought of my younger brother. Through the stereoscopic ultrasound, I looked at Radol’s face, and it seemed that the emotions of excitement and joy crossed. 

I heard the sound of Ladoll’s heart that was waiting through ultrasound. My eyes reddened as if listening to my heart. After a sick time a few years ago, I wish Rani was covered with good memories. 

At this time, the doctor aroused curiosity by mentioning Ladoll’s gender and saying, “Who should I go to with the bath?” Then she said, “Daughter, girl.” Finally, Radol was delighted that the sex was released. Lee Yoon-ji said, “I’m okay with my sister,” and shared a high five with her daughter-in-law family. 

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