Hado-kwon boasted a brilliant spec that was active in a Japanese troupe from the Department of Singing at Seoul National University. In ‘Chan-gu can’t dry’, she played a role as’ Chan-ah ‘and’ Hi-ja-du-ya ‘as a prune and a lady bug.’

“The first time I met my wife and the church. When a woman walked, she was not pretty, but she liked it and said it was attractive. MC Kim Sook said, “Would she be watching?” He corrected, “I liked it and liked it.”

In addition, Hado-kwon said, “It was a bad time, so I looked like Jesus because my body was 100kg, my hair was long, and my beard was long. He said that he thought he would make it easier for him to live in the church if he avoided him well. ” 

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