Jung Jae-yong said in a telephone interview with News1on January 15, “Last night (14th), my wife gave birth to 2.92kg of my first daughter. He said.

Jung Jae-yong asked about her first daughter’s attitude at a late age, saying, “I do not know how to express her words.” She said, “I’m impressed and will grow well.”

Jung Jae-yong said, “Now, my wife and daughter are in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and I will move to the postpartum care center tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.” “Otherwise, I think I will go to the postpartum care center after 3 ~ 4 days.”

Jung Jae-yong concluded, “Thank you all for your congratulations.”

Meanwhile, Jung Jae-yong’s wife, Lee Sun-a (27), gave birth to her first daughter at 2.95 kg at a maternity clinic in Gimpo, Gyeonggi Province at 11:55 pm on the 14th. Jung Jae-

yong, a married couple, married on December 1, last year. Before the wedding ceremony, Jung Jong-yong already revealed his wife’s pregnancy to the outside.

Meanwhile Jung Jae-yong joined DJ DOC in 1995 and has been actively working so far. Lee Sun-a, who made his debut in the music industry in 2016 as an Isaac member,

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