On this day, Kim Sol-a learned that Lee Jae-sun, whom she had liked for 10 years, broke up with her girlfriend through Go Doo-sik (Ganghoon). Go Doo-sik thought that Kim Sol-a would like it, but Kim Sol-a did not respond.

Kim Sol-ah, with Go Doo-sik, headed for the cafe ‘pine’ opened by Lee Jae-sun, but he had a heavy step. As it turned out, Kim Sol-a had asked Jae-sun Lee a while ago, “What am I to you?” At that time, Lee Jae-sun answered “Kim Sol-Aji” and suddenly kissed Kim Sol-A.

Kim Sol-a was unhappy that Lee Jae-sun kissed and lost contact. When Kim Sol-ah met Lee Jae-sun on the way to the ‘pine tree’, he ran away. However, Kim Sol-a went back to ‘pine trees’ after worrying.

Lee Jae-sun’s ex-girlfriend appears in the ‘pine tree’ and crosses the cat’s blush (Kim Myung-soo). It was a gift from Jae-sun Lee, so he broke up and returned the cat.

Looking at Lee Jae-sun, who is in trouble, Go Doo-sik asked Kim Sol-a to raise it. Jae-sun Lee likes cats, but has allergies. Kim Sol-a said that she would take care of the cat temporarily.

The red flash that went to Kim Sol-a’s house suddenly turned into a person.

Hong Joo discovered Kim Soo-pyeong (guide), who collapsed while Kim Sol-ah went to work. Thanks to the redness, Kim Supyeong was safely transferred to the hospital. Kim Sol-ah got a call from the hospital and ran in surprise.

Kim Su-pyeong had a bad heart. Kim Su-pyeong’s remarriage room (training) knew what Kim Su-pyeong was like and what procedures to take. Kim Sol-ah was disappointed with herself, who knew nothing about her father’s health.

Kim Sol-ah walked out of the hospital alone. The flush was walking behind Kim Sol-a. Sitting on the bench, Kim Sol-a misinterpreted the movement of the flush as Lee Jae-sun, pouring out words in her mind.

“I am this man. This man makes me a man,” said Hong Jo while looking at Kim Sool-ah, who fell asleep after recalling her memories with Kim Sol-ah in the past.

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