On May 25, SBS drama “I Love You” (directed by Lee Kwang-young, dramatized Kim Jae-jeong, produced by Beyond Jay) was broadcast on the 25th of the afternoon with Dae Min-ik (Kim Young-kwang) giving a ring to Jung Kang-hee. Dae-min Lee explained to Jung Kang-hee, “I think we should make our own new token.” In addition, it was also revealed that Dae-min Lee’s vision was restored.

As soon as the red cardigan of Jeong Kang-hee, who was a token of his previous two, was burnt down and unable to wear, the two of them went shopping together. The red cardigan was the only sign that Dankook was able to recognize Jeong Kang-hee. However, wearing any kind of clothes could not be a sign of recognizing Jeong Kang-hee as much as a red cardigan.

Daimin Lee looked for his doctor and asked “what should I do?” The doctor advised me, “Make a new sign of your own.” She also explained how she had succeeded before, saying, “At first I might not recognize it, but I will be aware of it as a girl.”

At this point, he tried to find his own new token and eventually gave him a ring. “We need our own new token, and I hope we have created a new token with this,” said Duminghui, who received the ring. So Jeong Kang-hee showed impressed.

On the other hand, Dae-jin Lee was trapped in the company’s elevator while he was out for a promise with Jung Kang-hee. 119 rescuers rescued by the rescue crew experienced the sight of the moment when the elevator door opened. After that, I met Jeong Kang-hee again and kissed his forehead and lips. So Jeong Kang-hee said, “Do you look at me right now?”

On the other hand, in today ‘s broadcast, Dum Min – ik (Kim Young – kwang) abandoned the representative position to meet with Jung Kang – hee (Jinju state). Jeong Kang-hee, who became aware of this fact, was angry that he was “giving up his position because of his secretary.” “I have an idea,” replied Lee.

He is a prominent figure in the business community. It was a condition that he would take the company for three years until he came back. “When I was the president, I was able to walk only the flowering route,” he replied.

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