On MBC’s broadcast on the 23rd, the scenes of Choi Song-hyun and Lee Jae-han, Lee Won-il and Kim Yu-jin, Jisuk and Lee Doo-hee, were broadcast.

The main characters of the first video on this day were Choi Song-hyun and Lee Jae-han. The two prepared to meet Choi Song-hyun’s mother, and Jae-han Lee did her best by purchasing a suit and a bouquet of her own designs.

Afterwards, Lee Jae-han talked with Choi Song-hyun’s mother and gradually relaxed. At this point, Choi Song-hyun’s mother asked, “I am curious about the plan in the future.”

Lee Jae-han said, “If I pass the exam I’m looking at and pass it, I become the highest diving teacher.”

In addition, Choi Song-hyun said, “I was very surprised when I said, ‘I have a man I want to marry.’ The first word of my dad was ‘Congratulations.’ “It’s been two months since I met, so I went in,” he said.

Choi Song-hyun confessed, “I thought my mom had to come there because I had only seven months left for my mom, but Lee Jae-han said,” You don’t become a family because you have decided. “It’s only for me to become a family.” Choi Song-hyun also reprimanded himself, saying, “Now I think I ruined everything.”

Fortunately, Choi Song-hyun’s mother handed the concert ticket, saying it was her father’s gift. There were four tickets for Choi Song-hyun’s mother and Choi Song-hyun’s father, Choi Song-hyun and Lee Jae-han, and Choi Song-hyun’s mother nailed, saying, “My father gave it to me.” Lee Jae-han was impressed by saying, “I’m going to be in tears. In 70 years, when you die, bury me together.”

Furthermore, in an interview with the production staff, Lee Jae-han said, “I think I stayed in my ear. ‘My father gave me that.’ It’s really a stress-free personality, but it may have been a bit of a damage. He died in an accident before, and it’s been a long time since he was alone, there’s something like romance, not something that’s great, but what he wants to do with his father at this age. He wants to talk and listen to it.

The main characters in the second video were Lee Won-il and Kim Yu-jin. It was revealed that Lee Won-il and Kim Yu-jin invited Yeon-bok Lee, Seok-cheon Hong, and Tae-woo Kim to the restaurant, and the three people decided to take the wedding, society, and anthem at the wedding, respectively.  

In particular, Yujin Kim burst into tears while talking about the difference between Lee Won-il and age, and the age difference is not a problem now. My brother was most concerned about my health. “You can get sick faster because of the difference in age, and that’s what I like the most, and as time goes by, it’s the scariest thing.”

The main characters in the third video were Jisook and Lee Doohee. Ji-sook gave Lee Doo-hee direct hair styling and makeup to take a profile picture. Ji-suk said, “When I look at Doohee Lee from a close distance, I feel different.

In addition, Jisuk challenged the comma head that she had practiced in advance and picked out a costume. Ji-sook took a picture of Lee Doo-hee’s new profile in a regular studio, and the two left a photo of a couple in a confused mood.

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