On the afternoon of the 9th, the girl group Espa appeared in the’Choi Pata Surprise Invitational Seat’ corner of SBS Power FM’s’Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time’.

Espa is a girl group that SM Entertainment introduces about six years after Red Velvet, and consists of Karina, Winter, Gisele, and Ning Ning. The debut song’Black Mamba’, which was released on the 17th of last month, is getting hot attention, including being listed on the Billboard Global Charts (excluding the US) for three consecutive weeks.

Espa, the first appearance of’Choi Pata’, said, “The praise for being pretty is good, but the praise for being lovely is also good.” It is cozy and feels like a home. I really wanted to appear,” he said.

The listeners also greeted Espa. Espa introduced the group, “It is a name that combines Avatar and Experience, and has a worldview of meeting Avatar and experiencing a new world.” Along with this, Espa said to their avatar, “You’re watching well? I’ll make money,” he said and laughed.

Espa said about their worldview, “I wish an avatar would come out with me when I broadcast, but I think that it will be possible someday.” So I am a little burdened.”

Espa’s debut song’Black Mamba’ exceeded 21 million YouTube views within 24 hours of release, and recorded the most number of views (24 hours) in the history of K-pop artist debut song music video. Also, in the first week of their debut, they vomited to be nominated for first place. Espa said, “It was unexpected. The original expectation was not to make mistakes, but the fans cheered me a lot, so I was happy and excited to be nominated for the first place in the first week of my debut.”

In particular, Espa said, “When I first learned choreography, I thought it was a big problem. Until the 1st and 2nd, we held each other when we went up the stairs. “I had severe muscle pain” and showed confidence that “I feel comfortable now.”

Espa did not feel nervous, not like a rookie, and drew attention by working on’the best fata’ with high tension. That’s why I was curious about how I made my debut. “I did a lot of singing programs in China. Seeing that, the company came up with a casting offer. At first, I thought it was a scam.” Winter said, “At the dance festival, the cast manager stood out. I thought it was a scam because I didn’t give the company name. I had doubts until I went to the SM office.” Giselle explained, “I joined the agency while watching the audition.” “I was active in social media. A casting offer came to the DM. I thought it was a scam too, so I discussed with my parents. That’s how I came to my agency right now.”

In particular, Karina took on a solo dance on Taemin’s stage before her debut. Karina said, “It was my first time on a music show, and it was the first time I had a full set, put on shoes, and danced in a dress, so I trembled a lot. Taemin senior cheered me so much and encouraged me, so it was a great help.”

Espa also talked about the gifts he would like to receive before Christmas. Ning-Ning said, “I lost my wireless earphones, so I would like you to buy it.” Winter said, “I want to get accommodation. Jim has ruled the dorm.” Giselle expressed her desire to have a puppy, and Karina expressed her simple dream of wanting a big doll.

Espa, who made her debut but has not yet met fans due to Corona 19, said, “I want to do a concert.” Not only the concert but also the desire to have a fan meeting if there is an opportunity. Espa showed a clear appearance, saying, “I made a sign.”

Lastly, Espa leader Karina expressed her feelings, saying, “I wanted to come out’Choi Pata’ so much, but I’m grateful that I can come out and I want you to call it often.”

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