It is building your own world through interaction with cat.

Bibi released his debut EP ‘Guides for Those Who Love’ through various music sites at 6 pm on December 12.

Bibby, who recently appeared on SBS ” The Fans ” and was recognized for his charming stage manners and unique musical talent, is determined to reveal a certain presence in the music industry with this album. It’s a singer-songwriter who can rip both rap and song in the R & B hip-hop genre scene, so the self-produced debut album is also expected to attract great attention. 

In addition to his lyrics and composition, he also worked as a producer and storytelling artist. The album features songs for people who will not be seen tomorrow (“Give More Care Less”), bad guys and bad guys in love (“Pretty Ting”), and people for long distance friends (“Fedex Girl”) done.

The title song ‘Nabi’ is for people who love cats and cats. Imagination that captures the feelings of love while gazing at the cat is impressive, and Bibby faithfully plays the role of storyteller at the observer point of view.

“What are you knowing about me / What you see is the fantasy I made / Give me a reason to love right now / I do not know your name “I want to give you a little more, I want to give a little less, I want to know a little more, I want to hold a little more, I want to open this place when I get closer, I want to give a little more, I want to give a little less”

In the music video, Bibi’s uniqueness is buried. In the music video boasting sensual visual beauty, Bibi emits a colorful expression and charm. The dreamy atmosphere mixes with the song and makes the viewers fall into the world of baboons. Here, the beauty and stylish styling of Bibi’s dolls attracts attention.

Bibi also actively performs this album. Starting on Mnet ‘M Countdown’ on 13th, KBS2 will be on ‘Music Bank’, MBC ‘Show Music Core’ and SBS ‘Popular Song’.

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