Another good suspicion of school violence emerged in the middle of the legal response to Berry Goodyear’s controversy about school violence.

‘Producer 101’ participant A and girl group Berry Good Member Dajei (real name Kim Hyun-jung, 21) School violence was confirmed as fact.

Earlier this month, an article appeared in a community claiming that bullying had been harassed by sexual abuse and ridicule, as well as physical violence, from elementary school students.

The next day on the 28th, the online community ‘Nate Edition’ added an additional exposition related to the girl group ‘

In the same day, Berry Goodyear said on the same day, “The current bulletin on the community bulletin board related to the school violence related to violence is malicious rumor and false fact,” said the official position.

At that time, “I did not have the place where I used violence, and I remember that the case was filed at that time and the school violence committee was held.” All friends who committed violence at that time recognized their own mistakes, The case was concluded to have been disciplined, “wrote.

“I did not know the face of the writer who was not there, and his life record was also clean.”

However, as a result of the wiki tree interview, Berry Goodyear was punished for the violence of school with Mr. A who participated in Producer 101.

Mr. A and Mr. Daegye were accompanied by a large number of students and participated in school violence by encouraging a small number of students to create a fearful atmosphere.

At the time of the incident, Berry Goodyear received 5 days of school service and 4 hours of special education, and A was punished 10 days of suspension and 10 hours of special education.

The wikipedia tried to contact the side many times but did not reach it.

Berry Good, a multi – genre member, has comebacked on the 25th, and members do not participate in the new song for health reasons.

On the 26th, Berry Goodyear’s agency, J.TI Entertainment, said, “Berry Goodyear has been appointed lawyer and is preparing legal response.”

On the 28th of last month, there was a controversy in an online community where Berry Goodyear was reported to have been subjected to school violence in his sixth grade in elementary school.

“It is a bad news for school violence related to violence in the school community, and it is a false statement,” he said in an official position.

However, there has been a controversy over the allegation that the police have been charged with the violence on school grounds.

One media reported that Mr. A, who participated in ‘Produce 101’ during his school days, was disciplined for school violence.

According to the media, the students were disciplined for 5 days of school service and 4 hours of special education for the participation in school violence and assistance, and Mr. A conducted 10 days of suspension and 10 hours of special education.

On the other hand, Berry Good returned on the 25th of last month. However, for the sake of health reasons,

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