I heard that you are the perpetrator rather than the victim.

In the eleventh episode of JTBC’s drama “Beautiful World” (play Kim Ji-woo / directed by Park Chan-hong) broadcasted on May 10, the figure of Kang In-ha (Chuja Hyun) and Park Moo-jin (Park Hee-soon) .

On the day, Jeong Dae-hee told her, “Do you think your preference is a victim? I have two faces, not a bad victim, but a terrible perpetrator.” Kang In-ha and Park Moo-jin said, “No, but what did my child do?”

Jung Dae-hee said, “Your son has been trampling on our Dahn life, your son is suffering, Dahui is not dying,” he said, “preference to rape Da-hee. .

In the unbelievable fact, Park Moo – jin decided to meet Park Sun – ho ‘s classmate. “What should we do if the facts turn out to be tough,” said Ms. Park, and Park Moo-jin countered, “Then what are we different from them?” “I do not care if you do not blame me.

Park Moo-jin met Lee Jin-woo and asked, “Since when did you come to school?” Lee Jin-woo replied, “I did not get out of the middle of September, but I did not see symptoms of panic disorder until I was absent.”

I asked Park Su-ho (Kim Hwan-hee), a tough daughter who could not get out of the shock, to say, “Could I have been able to call her because she likes Da-hee too much?” Park said, “My brother is such a fool, I can not do that.” My mom said, “I have accumulated a lot of how I lived each day.” “My brother is like a fool, I do not do what I hate, I can not do it. “

After that, Park Moo-jin heard that Jung-hee did not come to school from September 20, and immediately went to his parents. Park Moo – jin ‘s sincere request to his father said, “It happened on September 19th, my child’ s birthday,” he said.

I was looking for a florist who was the last destination of Park Sun-ho. The owner of the florist said, “It was a frustrating look when I bought flowers, but it was a disappointment on my way back.” “I do not think such a face will come out because I have not met my friend who visited my hospital.”

I also noticed that Park Sun – ho visited the library on that day when I found out that it was marked on September 19th in the tall calendar, Park Sun – ho. And from the evening until 9 pm I found that Park Sun was staying in the library.

On the other hand, Seo Eun-joo (Seo Eun-jung) asked Oh Joon-seok (Seo Dong-hyun) at the beginning of the drama, “The tint used by the girls came out of your drawer.” However, Oh Junseok said, “I do not know.”

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