In MBN ‘Modern Family’ broadcasted on the 10th, stories of Baek Il-Sup, Park Won-Sook, and Manjin Kim Ji-Young were on the air.

On this day, Baek Il-seop found a house of Kim Hyung-ja, a 50-year-old woman. He said, “I had a lot of movies because I had a relationship, and when I was younger, I traveled a lot and went abroad.” Kim Hyung-ja said, “It was an unfortunate thing.

I also talked about my mother who died. He said, “I was disadvantaged in my family, my father had a lot of moms, and I had many moms, and I would not live forever.” Kim Hyungja said, “I live in a neighborhood. “I sympathized with the pain.

Park won the first cosmetics advertisement in his over 70 years. However, it was not the retro concept that advertisers wanted, and the shoot was stopped. Meanwhile, Kim Hye – ja sent a letter to Park Won – sook with a flower basket for the advertisement of cosmetics.

Kim Hye-ja, who played in the drama ‘Dee My Friend’, said, “It was so good because you advertise cosmetics.” Even though I said “a lot of people are beautiful and beautiful …” Kim Hye-ja said, “I am not going to play but I want to see you. I want to see someone who wants to see me because I am close to the time.”

The male couple Kim Ji Young had a second proposal for his wedding anniversary. I had a total fight and ate jjangjangmyeon, Kim Ji-young said to try to paraglide to remember each other in unexpected places. Kim Ji-young showed a plan card event from the sky saying, “Will you grow up with me?” The man greeted with tears, saying, “I’m sorry, thank you.”

Ryujin ordered a cabinet for his wife to set up a mini-car. The status of the delivery. When the wife did not give permission, she said, “What is a man? Do not run away.” He led his wife into the children’s room. Ryujin’s wife was very angry, and Ryujin said, “I thought I should stop shooting with that expression. I knew that my wife was going down.”

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