In the 7th episode of the TVN Saturday drama ‘Asdal Chronicle’ (June 5, 2000), Sayya (Song Jung Ki) spoiled the plan of Taeha.

Taegon (Jang Dong-gun) tried to conquer Asaron (Lee Do-kyung) and Mi-hol (Cho Ha-min), and Mi-hong fled and gave off a fire to escape to the Han. Tanya (Kim Ji-won) climbed to the tower to see Saya (Song Jung-ki), seen from a dream, and asked the purple lips of Saya, who looked exactly like Eunsum (Min), and asked, “Who are you?”

The military of the Daikang troops who came to catch Tanna was astonished to realize that Sayaya was an illegitimate. Taron, following him, was angry that he murdered the Daikang troops directly and then squeezed his throat and said, “Do you have to kill more of my brothers because of you?” Tagon stunned Tanya and took her to Taeha (Kim Ok-bin) and said, “This year I have seen her.”

Tana tried to kill Tanya who had seen her sisters and to draw her tongue, and Tanya, who found her consciousness, recalled the story of the dream that she had told her. Tanya says, “Do not give the child any more pain. When I was born, I was given that child and my destiny. When I die, the child also dies. I received a call to keep the child, I said, “and deceived Taeha.

In the past, a slave who was born in the past tried to escape with the maid of the new name Nara, and he killed the new Nara and dreamed that he dreamed. I was feeling more guilty about the work I was doing, and I was more surprised and made Taya the maid of Sanya. Tae-yang Haotu-ak (Yun-sangbong) was taught Tanya, Tanya and Haotu-ak had a fight. Saya smiled as she stole it.

In the meantime, they helped escape the silver islands and the Han Chinese brethren. I noticed the blood of the Eunsam and the fact that the Daikang troops were Igtra. “I do not know what to do.” Hanbae recovered the injured Handsome and healed it with HaRim, and Harim ‘s daughter, Ch’Eng (the Supporter), saw the necklace of Asahong (Chuja Hyun) that Eunsam had.

Tagon decided to marry Assamone with Asaron in order to become the next association. Tagon informed the situation and promised Taeha that he would be next. He kissed tearful Tarong and pretended to accept the decision, but in order to marry Tagon, he planned to poison Asaron with a colorless odorless jade mountain and to turn it over to the wall. Saya overheard the plan.

He made a gill line (Park Hyung-soo) to feed Asaron jade mountain. However, Asaron was fine, and the wall collapsed with vomiting. I went to Sanya and asked, “Are you?” And Saya laughed, “Who then?” Saya said, “My father will now marry Asa ‘s woman. Ta’ahaha also lost. I wanted a person who wanted it. “

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