Was it because there were a lot of scorching toward the TVN Saturday drama ‘Astdal chronicle’ (playful Kim Young-hyun director Sang-Yeon Kim). Kim Won-seok PD, who had never been able to do so well, spoke on the same day.

Kim Won-seok PD said on the 2nd day through his SNS account, “I should not be doing it hard. I did not do it hard, but I do not work very hard. Otherwise it is too painful. ” This is an ambassador in Yoon Tae-ho’s comic book, “Minnae,” written by Kim Won-seok. It appears in the scenes where the main character Jang Hye-young expresses the remarks about the failure of the professional go-go article debut.

I did not specify in detail what Kim Won-seok PD wrote in the background. However, most of the netizens are thinking of Kim Won-seok PD’s idea of ​​’Astdar Chronicle’ which started broadcasting on the 1st. The “Astral Chronicle”, which is likely to be, is rated closer to criticism than popular after the first broadcast. It is pointed out that the first episode of the Jung-gu heating is not attractive because it is necessary to draw the epic in the sense that it is a work already conceived up to Part 3 (season type). It is also about the similarity with the popular American drama ‘The Game of the Throne’ series.

So, Kim Won Seok PD seemed to have left his heart in a roundabout way. However, as soon as it was reported that the work would be watched as much as the criticism just after the second broadcast, Kim Won Suk PD wrote again. Kim Won-seok said, “I thank everyone who encouraged me. I was just saying that I would work harder to the end. Do not worry. I got all my heart to say ‘Fighting Astral Chronicle’.

It is unusual. Kim Won-seok PD, who has not responded to the viewer’s reaction, responded directly to the “Astral Chronicle” through SNS, not through broadcasting companies or public relations channels. As such, ‘Astral Chronicle’ is a work that has great significance for Kim Won Seok PD. However, interest in ‘Astdal Chronicle’ is expected to be worsened by controversy and controversy. The controversy surrounding the cost of production at 54 billion won, the aftermath of studio studio dragon production, and the various interpretations and reactions surrounding the work itself.

It is noteworthy whether they will be able to settle down to Part 3 according to the goal that ‘Astdal Chronicle’ wanted in the future, The epic of the Astral Chronicles is now beginning.

● Next is the ” Astral Chronicle” Kim Won Suk PD SNS Specialist

– I should not be doing it hard. I did not do it hard, but I do not work very hard. It’s so far too painful.

– Thank you for all the encouragement ~ I was just going to work hard until the end ~ Do not worry! Fighting Astral Chronicles !!!

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