The average TV ratings in the four episodes of the TVN Saturday drama ‘Astdar Chronicle’ (played by Kim Young-hyun, Park Sang-yeon / director Won-seok Kim / Studio Dragon, KPJ) broadcasted on June 9th showed an average audience rating of 7.7% and a maximum of 8.9% (Nielsen Korea, ) And recorded the top spot in the same time zone, including the regular pieces. It took the first place from the teenager to the 50s in the same time zone, attracting the attention of all ages.

Above all, “Astral Chronicle” has only been broadcasted four times, but it is emerging as a buzzword for the people of the world beyond Korea. It is noteworthy whether the Astral Chronicle, which is broadcasted in more than 190 countries around the world and which is receiving global attention, will become a ‘drama for life in the world’.

In addition, the world people who have met the “Asdal Chronicle”, which is aired simultaneously with Korea, share their posthumous views with SNS in real time and express their enthusiasm for the new quality, CG and story that they have never seen before.

Overseas media also pay attention to the “Astral Chronicle” and are pouring hot reaction every day. ‘ELLE taiwan’ with ‘The Watch Point to Understand the Astral Chronicle’ and ‘The Astral Chronicle’ is the first fantasy drama in Korea. ” In the “K pop community soompi”, “In addition to mentioning audience ratings such as” The Astandal chronicle “,” The 4th artist achieved the highest rating of the fantasy drama “,” Jang Dong Gun revealed the true character of the character, “” I have shown faithfulness, “he said.

“The chronicle of Astdar Chronicles” is surprising because it is explosive in response to the “Astral Chronicle” not only in Korea but also overseas. “Jang Dong-gun and Song Jung-ki will face in full swing. “In addition, in the 5th and 6th episodes, the unexpected reversal story unexpectedly unfolds. I hope you can look forward to it. “

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