Shin Min-a has become a “wannabe” of women, showing off the charm of a charismatic lawmaker ‘Kang Sun-young’ in the JTBC drama ‘aide’ (Lee Dae-il drama, Kwak Jung-hae directing) as a party spokesperson and a proportional representative first lieutenant.

In particular, Sunyoung provided a reversal from the first time because she had a secret relationship with her aide, Jang Tae-joon (Lee Jung-jae), a rival between a rival and a lover, and her unique love law captures the attention of the anbang theater .

First, Seon-yeong, who had responded to Rep. Cho Kwang-young (Kim Hongpa), who tried to push himself out of the spot as spokesperson. However, Senator Cho Jae-young, who discovered this, did not even give a voice to Sunyoung in the national affairs and threatened his position. Tae-joon, my lover, told me to help her, but Sunyoung said, “I will only feel it. This is my job. I chose him. And I chose to give it to me. “He showed enthusiasm that he would take care of himself and showed enthusiasm in love as well as work.

In addition, in the third aide, which was broadcast yesterday (21st), Taejun was pictured to take the Minister of Justice, and then Sunyoung said, “The nickname of the Minister of Justice is the eel,” “Be careful. “I will lend you my shoulder so that I can go over that wall, tell me whenever I can,” I told Taejun that I can not give up. Also,   

In addition, he tried to use the public information claimant who exposes the booze electronic funds, but he did not work well, and Tae – joon (Jeong Jin – young) handed over the bill to pass the bill to support the middle class in order to be re – elected in the general election. “I do not want to be a loser anymore,” said Sunyoung, “even if you do not have the plan,” said Sunyoung. This scene shows the power of the lover Taejun rather than the difficult one.

As such, Shin Min-a has always been attracted by the attractiveness of active female characters who have never been seen in dramas, showing a dominant position in love, as well as the appearance of prestigious sun-yyong anytime and anywhere.

It is expected that Kang Sun-young will continue to love work and love and become a ‘Wannabe’ character of many women.   

On the other hand, the JTBC ‘aide’ in which Shin Min Ah appears is broadcast every Friday and 11 pm on Saturdays.

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