Comprehensive channels broadcast on the 22nd JTBC gilt drama ‘Aide – People who move the world’ In the 4th session, Jang Tae-joon (Lee Jung-jae), who became a local district, was portrayed.

On that day, Jang Tae-joon was in trouble due to the exposition of Oh Won-sik (Jeong Woong-in). Jang Tae-joon asked Kang Sun-young (Shin Min-ah), “Please slow down the press conference, Kim In-gyu, the last card I have.” However, Song Hee-seop (Kim Kap-soo) told me to meet Kim In-gyu and Jang Tae-joon forced Song Hee-seop to go to Kang Sun-young and Kim In-gyu.

Song Hee-seop took Kim In-gyu’s testimony video, and it was up to Jo Kwong-young (Kim Hong-pa) Oh Won-sik informed Cho Geun-young about the position of Kang Sun-young. Cho got angry with Kang Sun-young, and passed the budget bill that Kang Sun-young pursued. The situation has decreased from the ward office to the center grant. Fortunately, Kwon Sang Man (Lim Won-hee) has been assured that the Ward Office will provide support for this year.

Jang Tae-joon said to Kang Sun-young, “I suffered all night and I am sorry for you.” Kang Sun-young said, “I did not have any other way, even if I was Taejun, I would have done it. Jang Tae-joon said, “What have I done so far?” Kang Sun-young said, “You are not yet a minister, you need Taejun.”

Jang Tae-joon said, “I know the inspiration, so I took Kim In-gyu file and I will deal directly with the minister.” Like Jang Tae-joon’s idea, Song Hee-seop visited the Justice Minister Park Jong-kil and threatened him with Kim In-gyu’s file.

However, he was mentioned as a candidate of the Minister of Justice. Song said, “I want to import Kim In-gyu file right now, but Oh Won-sik said,” It seems to be useless. Jang Tae-joon was a card that Song Hee-seop had already made obsolete.

Kang Sun – young said, “I am not a minister yet, but I am worried about that. Oh Won-sik said that he would try, but Song Hee-seop immediately contacted Chang Tae-joon to come up. Jang Tae-joon told Song Hee-seop that he should hand over the representative seat to Cho.

Jang Tae-joon said, “I will meet with Mr. Cho in the first place. Oh Won-sik, “What kind of channel,” he pretended, but then came from the contact. Previously, Taejoon Chang sent an e-mail to Cho Kwang-young with a corruption of his wife. Jang Tae-joon said, “We are going to turn the position of the Justice Minister and the representative of the House into the place.”

Then Song Hee-seop met with Cho Kwang-young. Cho said, “It is nice to ride the same boat, but there is something wrong.” Song Hee-seop told Chang Tae-joon, “Kang, Sun-yeong cooked properly,” and Chang Tae-joon said, “There is only one way to stop it from already collapsing. I have to throw away one of my cards. ‘

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