In the SBS entertainment program ‘Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’ broadcasted on the night of 12th, Baek Jong-won, Kim Seong-ju, and Jung In-sun, who found Gongneung-dong ‘train track alley’, were depicted.

On this day, Kim Seong-ju introduced the ‘Trailway Alley’ and said, “It is not developing because it has no special features.” It becomes a distance. “

The house that Baek Jong-won should check was three in total, including vegetable giblets, stew and a half-baked house. In particular, the grilled samgyeopsal called soy sauce samgyeoggu attracted attention. The owner, who sticks to the home-cooked style, took over a salon in April 2018 and ran a restaurant.

Baek Jong-won pointed to draw the VCR first. The pork and mackerel are grilled on the same grill, and the smell is not too small. Hence, Baek Jong-won sorted into a grilled samgyeok house to confirm.

Baek Jong-won ordered representative grilled soy sauce and spicy broiled pork, and he talked about how he came to think about the menu while waiting for food. The president said, “I used to refer to other houses and started with the menu that I made at home. The method is the same as I did at home.” .

The president put the carefully grilled meat in front of Baek Jong-won, but it took a long time. Baek Jong-won was given 15 minutes after ordering the two menus. Afterwards, the president headed to Kim Seong-ju and Jung In-sun, and showed great pride in the menu. “I was worried because I was a parent. So I don’t use seasonings. I use sesame oil or fish sauce instead.”

As evidenced, Baek Jong-won ate potatoes, fried mushrooms, kimchi stew, “I do not use seasoning, I admit this much,” he raised his thumb. But when he tasted the spicy grilled pork, he pointed out, “It tastes old.” Kim Sung-joo, who came down from Baek Jong-won and Jeong In-sun, who tasted it in the situation room, also said, “It’s okay at first, but the seasoning taste is gone.”

In addition, the president’s words, ‘do not use seasonings’ were also found to be false. MSG and salt flavored salts, bones and even Japanese seasonings. The president made excuses, “I thought it would be fine,” but Baek Jong-won pointed out, “It’s okay to use seasonings, but don’t lie.”

The next place Baek Jong-won visited was the vegetable giblets. Vegetable giblets was a veteran that had been in Gongneung-dong only for 17 years. However, the crew was surprised that they had only seen Hall customers once, visiting 15 times. Even the giblet house, but because of the commercial plaque was better regret.

However, Baek Jong-won tasted the giblets of the giblets immediately distorted the expression, “I know why there are no guests.” After spitting the giblets, he called Jung In-sun to the restaurant that he loves giblets.

Jung In-sun said, “I usually love the giblets,” he came down, but after a while, I couldn’t stand it and spit out giblets. Jeong In-sun said, “I eat almost everything, and I don’t mind the smell of giblets, but it’s not a fragrance. It has a strange smoky smell. It remains in my mouth. The taste of meat remains in my mouth. Baek Jong-won also said, “I think you need to change the place where the giblets live,” he said. “The seasoning is also fresh.

Finally, Baek Jong-won visited the stew baek half house. In particular, this house has many menus such as baekban set meal, sukiyaki stir-fry, and cutlet stew, as well as a lot of basic side dishes. In addition, the boss’s daughter even went to delivery by taxi. As you can see from the boss’s efforts, the guests also enjoyed food and chatted with the boss.

On the visit of the Baek Jong-won, the boss finished the side dish setting, saying, “We provide all the side dishes to the first guests who do not know the taste.” Baek Jong-won said, “Every customer is like a family. It’s hard to find a restaurant these days.”

On the other hand, the trailer that was released at the end of the broadcast raised the image of Baek Jong-won saying, “I don’t want to evaluate this house.”

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