In the SBS entertainment program ‘Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’ broadcasted on the 25th, the 1st day of Gunpo Station in Gyeonggi-do was drawn.

Gunpo Yeokjeon Market is located near Gunpo Station, but it is not accessible to attract customers. The shops you will meet at Gunpo Market are tteokmaekjip, chicken barbecue & bulmakchangjip, and mayoral jokbaljip.

The market structure started by the couple began to expand to 2 pyeong, and the structure of the store became unique as the shop expanded gradually. After passing through the kitchen, you have to go to the end of the store to have a hall. Baek Jong-won ordered a godfather for royal feet.

Baek Jong-won, who ate a jokbal and nodded silently, tasted the jokbal in many ways. Baek Jong-won said, “There are no customers because of this.” Next, Baek Jong-won, who tasted the toe, put down the jokbal and said, “It must have a pulling taste.” “I admit it, it doesn’t have a unique taste, it’s mediocre,” said the man’s boss.

After tasting jokbal, I looked inside the store. Long Dongseon also expressed inconvenience to the boss. Baek Jong-won, who came up to the control room again, said, “I think I just need to catch a little. It’s delicious and tasteless, and it’s a piece of paper.”

The second shop is Tteokmaekjip. It is a place that mainly sells tteokbokki and beer. However, customers ordered a menu other than Tteokbokki such as Sundae and Tempura. Tteokbokki is inconspicuous, so people don’t order it.

No one ordered Tteokbokki, so the ‘Alley Restaurant’ side sent Jung In-sun as a fake customer. In the form of frying in oil, Baek Jong-won noticed, “It is a skill that has been fried a lot. Snaps are different.”

This time, Baek Jong-won went down directly to check the taste of Tteokbokki. Baek Jong-won ordered tteokbokki with pepper, squid, and sweet potato fries.

Baek Jong-won, who tasted the tteokbokki soup, said with a strange smile and said, “I didn’t put red pepper paste in the tteokbokki. I don’t know if the boss hates it, so it tastes so light.” In addition, when it comes to mixing rice cakes and wheat cakes, he said, “It may be misunderstood whether the rice cakes are mixed in advance or the remaining rice cakes.” Subsequently, Baek Jong-won, who had tasted fried squid, said that the tempura was less fried. Baek Jong-won suggested to the boss to replace the tempura powder.

There were a lot of ingredients and utensils not in the kitchen. Baek Jong-won said, “I think it’s because I can’t confirm the menu. Please boldly get rid of anything you don’t use.” In the meantime, the boss said, “I want to make spicy jjajangteokbokki.”

Next is the chicken barbecue & bulmakchangjip. This store was also run by a couple. 99% of sales here are for delivery customers. So, the boss and the couple were interested in the delivery app to read the delivery app review once a day.

The menu was the recipe of a husband who was certified as a Korean chef, but most of the dishes were done by his wife. The frying pan for cooking makchang was still seasoned. There were no guests during the day. In the control room, the crater was visible, but the kitchen was not visible in Baek Jong-won’s view. Seongju Kim and Inseon Jeong wondered, “Why did you cook during the day?” And “Why didn’t you wash that?”

Sung-joo Kim asked the couple about the condition of the frying pan. The boss said, “I wipe it when there is a lot of sauce. It depends on the number of foods that go out.”

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