After the damage to the brand trademark controversy, the CEO of Pohang Jookjukjip directly appeared in’Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’ to convey his feelings. Through the broadcast, Baek Jong-won said that he would add more strength to the boss of the house.

At SBS’Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’ (hereinafter referred to as’Alley Restaurant’), which aired on the 16th, it was revealed that Baek Jong-won went down to Pohang with the production crew and met the owner of Pohang Duck Juk House to talk.

On this day, Baek Jong-won announced that he would head to Pohang by talking with Kim Seong-ju and heading to the house. Since then,’Alley Restaurant’ has also released an issue timeline for the brand’Duck Juk Juk’ while discussing the controversy surrounding Pohang Juk Jukjip. The production crew also revealed that there is a concern that the problem will increase, especially since the brand called Majuk-duk-juk is registered as a trademark.

Baek Jong-won said, “He was so steadfast that he would have no problems, but this problem arises,” he said. “We have to protect ourselves. When we run a restaurant, we are lonely because there is no place to lean on. There are a lot of things to suffer even though we know.”

Afterwards, CEO Min-ah Choi, the head of the Pohang Duck House, who faced Baek Jong-won, confessed about the controversy and said, “I have never cried this way. I keep crying, but I never cry.” Nevertheless, CEO Min-ah Choi cried, “I know, you will help me well. What do I need to know?”

President Minah Choi said, “I thought I didn’t know what to do. I just wanted to make it hard. I really wanted to meet Mr. Jong-won Baek.”

President Choi Min-ah said, “I heard a story from a guest from Seoul that you opened the Gangnam branch, and at first I didn’t know what I was talking about, and I only answered’I’ll do my best.'” I said, “I’m doing this because I’m earning,” he said.

After checking the related article, CEO Choi Min-ah said, “It was already said that there was a franchise. Then, I thought you would know because I was in an alley restaurant, but I kept asking if the boss’s shop was right.” I had to listen to the story.

He said, “I kept practicing packaging too, but I’m sorry. Because of that, I wasn’t selling packaging, but because I said that I was delivering it, I couldn’t do anything.” .

President Choi Min-ah said, “With the help of the production team, I sent a proof of the contents to the company. After that, the company did not contact me. I knew how to admit the fault.”

He explained the situation, “I sent the proof of contents by e-mail, and I immediately checked the receipt, but there was no contact afterwards, so I couldn’t sleep all night and talked about my feelings on my SNS, and I made it.”

CEO Choi Min-ah said, “Since then, the production crew announced the position and heard that the person concerned came to the store. I was able to contact you before that, but I suddenly came to visit him, and he kneel down…”

CEO Min-ah Choi said, “I have been told to file a patent with a sackcloth, but this is not a patent,” and Jongwon Baek said, “I don’t understand why I took it under the brand of the same name.”

CEO Choi Min-ah said, “I heard that I could not use it now, and I applied for the name and name of the menu belatedly,” he said. “I thought I wanted to despair, but I thought I would help.” Baek Jong-won also added, “We will fight for you,” and said, “We will solve this problem.”

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