On the 5th, SBS entertainment program ‘Full Entertainment Midnight’ (hereinafter ‘Midnight’) was released an interview that conveyed the heart after the fall of Gu Hye Sun.

Ku Hye-sun, who responded to the interview, said, “It’s been a long time in front of the broadcasting camera. I was a little sleepy.”

Gu Hye-sun reminded me of the time of the breakup, “I think I’m too childish and embarrassing. I’m sorry if I’m tired.

Ku Hye-sun, who said that it was difficult to be the same agency, confessed that she was desperate that she was not able to publish a press release.

Regarding Ahn Jae-hyun, “I felt a lot of betrayal for having used my heart so much. Koo Hye-sun said, “When I got married, I thought there was no divorce in my life. I promised to be by my side even if I had a fight. I think it was a feeling. ”

Two people who continued their revelation through SNS at the time of the breakup. Koo Hye-sun stopped the revelation and said, “I couldn’t win after seeing the article. If I choose to fight and edit it, I can only see it. I didn’t listen. My parents were worried, so I think I changed my mind. “

Ku Hye-sun, who has never met Ahn Jae-hyun since the breakup, said, “The conversation has already been closed. I will see you someday. I will see you in court.”

“I’m all done now,” he asked, “I’m uncomfortable, but I’ll be the only one in this world. I think I’ll be regressed.

We also talked about the future situation. Koo Hye-sun said she was leaving for the English language course in London.

Koo Hye-sun, meanwhile, is facing divorce after three years of marriage with actor Ahn Jae-hyun last year. On the 5th, he shared the good news of studying abroad in London through his SNS.

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