The actor Jang Mi-sun (50) was known to have made extreme choices, and his agency announced its official position.

An official from the agency said, “I have been told that the US-DPRK was killed by extreme choice, but it has not been confirmed yet,” he said. “I will disclose my position after confirming the facts.”

At 11:45 am on the 29th, news was heard that the US Navy was found dead in a hotel room in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province. A police officer who was dispatched by the manager reported that he had found a US-American ship lying in the bathroom of the room and moved to the hospital, but it was reportedly dead.

Police are investigating the incident by reporting that the US has made extreme choices by itself.

The USSR was already dead when it was discovered by paramedics.

An official at the Jeonbuk Firefighting Headquarters said, “It was time 11:43 when it was reported to the daily sports” on the 29th day of the day. “At the time of the discovery, the USFK was in apnea, pulse, unconsciousness and cardiac arrest. It is the situation that we handed over to a police officer without transferring to the hospital. ”

Previously, an actor was found dead in a room at a hotel in Jeonju, South Jeolla Province. Jang Mi-sun was staying in Jeonju because of the Jeonju schedule for the performance “My mother and my two-night three days”. The agency said, “I will disclose my position after confirming the fact.”

At the 2 pm and 6 pm Jeonbuk National University Samsung Culture Center, the JCF was scheduled to come to the stage with the ‘mother and two days and three days’ play. The organizer said, ‘Today’ s performance at 2 pm was canceled due to the reason of the serious actor of the leading actor. I will inform the audience of the apology, and I will refund the ticket by proper procedure. ”

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