Movie actor Cho Duck-je (photo) who molested the actor in the movie shooting scene has ordered the victim, Min-jung Min, to retaliate for the revenge, and the court ruled that he should compensate 30 million won. Cho was convicted in the Supreme Court on charges of forcible extortion and innocence. Ban is still tough with the second damage, but he showed his will to rise again.

Judge Lee Young-kwang, a civil servant of the Seoul Southern District Court on July 15, has ruled against Ban in a damages suit against Mr. Cho on January 15. “It is obvious that the defendant has suffered physical and mental suffering because the plaintiff has recognized that the plaintiff has committed illegal acts such as forcible execution and innocence of the defendant while shooting the film,” the court said. The court ruled that Cho would pay 30 million won for his alimony. On the other hand, the prosecution rejected the request for damages of 50 million won against Mr. Ban.

Ban reported to the police that he was being forced to be shot by Cho during the film “There is No Love” in April 2015. Soo succumbed to defamation and innocence, saying that Ban had filed a false report. He also filed a lawsuit for damages of 50 million won. So, Ban raised a counterclaim (counter-suit) against Cho.

The Supreme Court ruled in October of last year’s conviction of Cho’s compulsory extortion and innocence. Cho was sentenced to one year in prison, two years in probation, and 40 hours of sexual abuse treatment. At the time, the court ruled that “Cho had committed a crime outside the act of acting, causing Ban to feel psychological shock and sexual shame.”

“I am still trying to get up again, even though (after the Supreme Court ruling),” he told the Seoul newspaper. “I am trying to make a case that victims of sexual violence do not hide.” “We are still doing additional harassment to tell the truth about the incident, and the investigative agency is still doing a lukewarm investigation,” he said. “It’s hard to tell other victims to walk the same way,” he said. “I want a society where victims can live.”

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