In the TV Chosun entertainment program’The Taste of a Wife’, which aired on the night of the 22nd, the lives of the evolutionary couple Ham So-won were depicted.

On this day, Ham So-won headed to Gangnam with his babysitter aunt and family. He guided his family, saying, “I have to eat the best thing in Gangnam.” When her aunt was worried that it would be “expensive,” Ham So-won shouted, “Let’s eat something expensive. Talk about what you want to eat.” Ham So-won, who was in the studio, added, “I have a lot of gratitude for my aunt, and I recently decided to shoot big for my aunt because I saw myself and reflected a lot.

Ham So-won declared, “In the future, I will live luxuriously. Let’s go to good places. Work hard and use hard. I have changed my mind,” he declared that he would escape from’Jan-soon’. Following this, Ham So-won, the evolutionary couple, went to the ATM machine to draw money for the day. When Sowon Ham asked, “How much will I spend today. How about 300,000 won?” Evolution encouraged Sowon Ham’s consumption, saying, “Let’s spend more. I’m going to eat 200,000 won because I’m going to eat, and I have to buy 1 million won to buy clothes and stuff. I’ll press it.” did.

The Ham So-won family headed to a classic hot pot restaurant. Ham So-won said, “Give your aunt on the menu. Don’t ask your aunt. Do everything you want.” He told the back story, “I didn’t look at all because I might be uncomfortable looking at it.” When the materials came in like a pile, Ham So-won couldn’t hide his surprised expression. My aunt asked, “Is it too much?” and Ham So-won replied, “No, there are a lot of vegetables.” Ham So-won, who saw her aunt, who said she likes vegetables, was eating hot pot, said, “I feel really good because I eat well.”

Ham So-won, standing in front of the cashier, drew attention, saying, “I will spend 300,000 won on mileage.” As the MCs and the panels groaned, Ham So-won explained, “It was gathered up one by one to use for three years to write at a time.” However, the employee said, “Because you can only use 30% of the amount of the meal, you can only spend 90,000 won”, and Ham So-won calculated 220,000 won in cash.

Next, the Ham So-won family headed to the women’s clothing store. Ham So-won recommended several styles of coats to her aunt, saying, “Choose what you like.” Among them, my aunt chose the clothes she liked and paid for it. My aunt was moved by saying, “Thank you so much for Hyejeong’s mom.” The aunt replied, “I’ll take care of the child today, so go on a date with the couple. Haven’t you been dating for a long time?”

With the help of an aunt, Ham So-won decided to go on a date at a nail art shop. Ham So-won, who tried gel nails for the first time, said, “It costs money to remove a gel nail,” and he said, “If you take off one hand, bean sprouts soup” made you laugh. Evolution couldn’t hide his joy, saying, “Isn’t it good to come. Isn’t it good?”

The total cost from the nail art shop is 180,000 won. When the employee who was counting the received money said, “You have to give me another 10,000 won,” Jin-jin even gave a tip, saying, “I’ll give you two.” Ham So-won was surprised to see this, but did not stop evolution.

Ham So-won, who cried out, “Let’s cool with luxury,” drew attention when he arrived at a warehouse selling used clothes. Ham So-won burned his enthusiasm, saying, “If you find it well, you can get luxury goods. As you can see if you go, it’s almost new.” In particular, he expressed his anticipation, saying, “If you find it well, you can get gold or money.” In fact, Ham So-won found a mustang he liked and tried on, but a coin in his pocket surprised everyone. Ham So-won, who had been looking for clothes for a long time, finished shopping by purchasing 80 pieces for 280,000 won.

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