Ko Se-yeon was able to identify each other’s hearts with his first kiss with Changmin (Ahn Hyo-seop), but he denied his heart. “I do not think I like you or like you,” he said, “I do not think you like it or think like that.

So Chin laughed, “I do not think so,” and Ko See-yun loudly shouted, “I know you are the best girl I can give to a man.”

Cha Min’s mother, Mum Aaran (Yun Yoon Sun) was angry at the attitude of Jang Hee-jin (Hanso Hee), who pretends to be pregnant until the end. However, until she finds her mother Jang Sun-young, Jang Hee-jin, who should be at the side of Chin-min, threatened the weakness of the company. Then he said, “I already know that you are not pregnant, but you still love me.

On the other hand, Seo Ji-wook learned about the traps of Park Dong-cheol (Ishihon). Seo Ji-wook was angry that he was alive, saying, “I will cheat on me.

High Seon Yeon did not believe that the villain who tried to kill himself committed suicide. “I think this guy is a tail, he is an accomplice of Oh Young-cheol, and he is the one who ordered it.” I was convinced that it was used by Oh Young-chul’s accomplice.

Seo Ji-wook approached Pak Dong-chul and found out the contacts of high-end sergeant and started to catch up. At that moment, I was informed that Jang Seon-yeong had burned his hand from a person who was in charge of Jang Sun-young. Seo Ji-wook even went to the hospital when Jang Seon-yong was absent and went to the place where Jang Sun-young stayed and took him to a nearby hospital for hospitalization.

The same viewpoints Ko Se-yeon, Chinmin, and Jang Hee-jin also tracked Jang Sun-young. They arrived at the place where Jang Sun-young was staying with the help of the article that burned Jang Sun-young. However, Jang Hee-jin was seriously injured while going to Jang Sun-young and went to the hospital for treatment.

Ko Se-yeon, who had been resting for a while after leaving Jang Hee-jin to Chinmin, met Seo Ji-wook at the same hospital. Seo Ji-wook was embarrassed, but within a few days, he said, “I had been informed about the incident of Oh Young-chul, and I came to the investigation.” There was a report that he saw his ex-wife, Oh Yeong-cheol, who had been deported. So, I left with only a text message saying that Se – ji – wook and Se – ji – wook went to find Chang Sun – young.

Changmin and Jang Hee-jin witnessed Jang Sun-young, who was raging during a trip around the hospital. Finally, Jang Hee-jin, who was reunited with her mother, Changmin tried to take Jang Seon Young to protect her, but she heard that Seo Ji Wook brought Jang Sun Young from a person who was in charge of Jang Sun Young. When he learned of the reality of Seo Ji-wook, Chin felt intimidated that he was in crisis.

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