Kwon Soo-hyun, the wicked, received the death penalty. 

In the last episode of TVN ‘Abyss’ broadcasted on 25th, a new start of Seoeon (Park Bo Young) and Chinmin (Ahn Hyo Sub) after the ruin of Ji Wook (Kwon Soohyun) was drawn. 

While Seonyeon was wearing a gunshot wreck and confrontation, Chinmin saved her and destroyed her. The death penalty is worn out in Jiwuk, and the incident has also been completed, but it is a life without Cha Min who is waiting for Seonyeon. She worked as a lawyer and continued her life sparingly. 

On this day, she met a miracle in an amusement park filled with memories of the people. The appearance of Cha Min in front of Seonyeon. “I’m sorry. I was too late. ” 

So Seonyeon said, “Do not tell me. I think you will disappear. ” “I am a genuine citizen,” said Chinmin, holding Seyon ‘s hand and touching my cheek. 

“I really missed you so much,” he confessed. She had only tears. 

After confessing “I love you” to Shi Min, Seon Yeon said, “Do you know what I did to you and what you regret most? You say you love me unnecessarily, you can not show my heart. I do not want to grumble. I am well aware that I have done all the hard work to come to me like this. ” 

“I was a bit tough at the time, but I forgot all about the moment I saw you,” he said. 

After the extinction, the villagers met with the manager of the Abyss. Chinmin has been around all the time, but Ch’ien was not seen in his eyes. 

“I did not see you in your eyes and nothing I could do,” Chinmin recalled. 

“I thank you for waiting and trusting me,” Saimin said to her sleeping chef. 

On the other hand, Seonyeon and Chinmin were born as a couple. Even after Seonyeon and her marriage, Chin felt her throbbing again and again. With the pregnancy of Seon Yeon and the disappearance of the revival beads, ‘Abys’ has a happy ending. 

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