In the TVN ‘Abyss’ episode on the 24th, Changmin (Ahn Hyo-sup) entered the room of Ko Se-yeon (Park Bo Young).

Chinmin, who made a goodnight greeting on this day, came into the room of High Seeyeon within a short time. Then he told High Seeyeon, “I told you to keep it, but I can not stand it. I’ll just sleep here.” He kissed her. That night, the high – tech sergeant pulled the Chimin down and fell asleep in a bed. 

When he heard his father’s vomiting, he went out of the room and knocked on his father’s back, saying, “Dad, are you okay? So, the high-class father said, “I feel like I was going to drink a little, but I feel good.” Seo-na, our Se- yeon asked me, “Do you want my pocket money?” I really hated daddy drunk, but today is good, so I become my father ‘s daughter, “I muttered.

After returning to the room, Ko Se-yeon came back to the room and said to Chamin, “Sorry, I was sorry to hear that I was awakened, go in and grow up,” and said, “My dad thought I was my daughter because I was drunk. He replied, “I can recognize the high-end, no matter what I look like, and when I ask,” Do I become a grandmother when I grow old like Oh Young-cheol? “

The next day, Chinmin came out of the room with the high-end sergeant, and he was taken to High-Serenity’s father. So, a high-ranking father said, “I know that I am the only person who is in this place, and that I am very tired of your love affair, but I am happy when I see you. I do not want to have a guy like you … “he said,” I have a guy like you, I think it’s terrible, I’m capable, I’m good at home, I’m good. It was a good man to look at, “he said, making him happy.

After returning home, Ko Se-yeon and Chin-min Park had a good time having a drink together with the help of Park Dong-cheol. The voice of conscience is the sound of destiny. The sound of human beings is the sound of destiny. Where did the sound of fate you took you take you to? I wish I had stopped at the place where I want my last step. “Chinmin reacted with a strange reaction.

On the other hand, Saeh Ji – wook ‘s wife, Seo Ji – wook, was able to connect with Seo Ji – wook through his side’ s discovery. “I do not think you’re going to die,” he said. “I looked at him with anxious eyes,” he said. It may be reset. Do not worry, it does not happen like you think. “

When all the evidence related to Seo Ji-wook was gathered, Ko Se-yeon and Chin-min spent time doing the bucket list that they had not been able to do before. He said, “Let us stay as normal as we are,” and Ko See-yeon proposes, “Chinmin, let’s marry me.” After kissing the ball, he said, “I will do your man forever. 

On the other hand, the end of the broadcast day, drawn look to build a car Min hard look at the same time as the Abyss destroyed knew about his disappearance added a curious story in the last. 

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