On the 25th TVN Monday drama ‘Abyss: Soul Birth Gods’, Ko Seeyeon (Park Bo Young) reunited with Chinmin (Ahn Hyo-seop), who died at the end of a long wait.

Soo Seon-yuk (Kwon Soo-hyun) shot a gun and died. Changmin used the last Abyss and saved the high-end. And the people were annihilated.

Ko Se-yeon, who witnessed the disappearance of Ch’in, decided to wait for Ch’in with a firm heart.

Three years later, Seosee opened a lawyer’s office. Park Dong – cheol (Ishihan) and Imido (Song Sang – eun) had a wedding ceremony. It was not possible to move because I did not want to find myself when Cha Min returned.

Even after the demise of Chinmin on this day, “I wish I could come and have a new one,” he said.

Ko Se – yeon went to the amusement park which had last memories with Chinmin. I took a stroll with strawberry ice cream as I did with Chinmin. At that time, as the child passed by, he dropped the ice cream, and Sensee sighed, “I’m sorry for the ice cream.”

At that time someone appeared after the high-end. He was nothing but a citizen. “I’m sorry, I was too late,” he said. “I do not think so.

He grabbed the hand of high-precision craftsmanship and put it on his face. Chin said, “I am a real citizen. High-grade ore was poured into the cold. “I really missed it,” he said.

The two reunited again. “I do not want to ask what happened,” he said. “I knew that you would have done all the hard work to come back to me,” he said. Cha Min said, “It was hard at the time, but I forgot all about the moment I saw you.”

“When I first woke up, I met them again,” said Chin, who was killed by the Abyss. They said to Changmin, “If you are in a state, you can not survive on this star, it will be more and more painful.”

Chinmin could not catch the high-end sergeant even if he could see the high-end. Of course, there was no sign of Cha Min-soo in the eyes. Chinmin said, “I could not leave you at all.”

At this time, a questioning grandfather who had an Abyss guide the people. He followed his grandfather. “Every time Abyss is following you, I mean I’m next to you,” Chin said.

Ten years later, the two married and opened the time capsule together. The last thing that High Sensei put in was ‘Wish Coupon’.

On the other hand, Ko Seeseon was pregnant and Abyss disappeared. In the past, my grandfather had told me, “If another blessing occurs, the Abyss will disappear.” Eventually, the two had a happy ending.

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