The Songpa-gu Olympic Park, which was held at the 5th global fan meeting ‘Maestre Magic Shop’ in Seoul on the first day of the day, was launched all day by the festival of the fan club Ami (ARMY).

Subway line 5 and 9 Olympic Park Station was crowded with fans from morning. They clung to the bullet-proof boy character BT21 key ring, dolls and badges, and some wear purple T-shirts symbolizing bulletproof boys. The fans who arrived just from the local and overseas and dragged the carrier were also noticed.

The fan meeting started at 7 pm in the gymnasium in the Olympic Park, and the play zone near the performance hall was also open at 10 am, but fans gathered from the early morning into the park. They sold their own manufactured goods, or distributed them free of charge.

At the entrance to the Olympic Park in front of Exit 4 of the subway, there was a market place for the merchandise trade, which was created by volunteers such as photo cards, slogans, badges, fans, shopping bags. There were about 200 fans in the crowd, including a fan who shouted ’00 (member name) slogan ‘and a sign saying’ I am free when I am certified. ‘

“I came out from 8 o’clock in the morning and the place was already laid down.” “I am going to sell Goodies and enjoy the show tomorrow,” said the new mothers (17) and Park (14) who displayed mats and photos.

Choi (18) said, “The bulletproof boys’ official goods are sold so fast that it is hard to find them, so they buy their own manufactured goods that they can buy easily.”

Tickets at the Olympic Park and the entrance to the bracelet reception had a banner containing faces of members of the bulletproof boy band. The fans were delighted to have a ‘certified ura’ in front of the placard.

As a group bulletproof boy who is popular all over the world, there were many fans of various nationalities.

Amykhin, 24, who met in front of the ticket booth, said, “I came to Korea from Turkey to watch this fan meeting. I am excited to see the bulletproof boycott by second sight after last year’s” Love You Self “tour in Germany. I can not hide it.

Malaysian Nadia (24), who has been a fan of Bangladeshi boys for four years, laughed, saying, “I saw two consecutive Bangladeshi boys in succession to the Busan fan meeting last week.”

He said, “The performance is early at 7 pm, but there are a lot of events to be held from the morning,” he said.

In the middle of the day, as the sun was hot, the festival of the Ami festival began in earnest. When Samulnori passed by the ticket booth, and the show started in the play zone, the bombing boys’ hits ranged throughout the park. At the end of the afternoon, Ami’s street performances, which showcase the unique ‘Bull’s Dance’, were added to the songs.

As the temperature rose, more and more people were hiding their faces and spreading fanfare with mass production and performance pamphlets, but I could not find any irritation on those faces who are expecting to meet with the soon-to-

Choi (37), who has been casting a cast on the left leg, said, “I have waited for two months, and the bulletproof boycott has nothing to do and is friendly and likes it.” Then he urged his uncomfortable body and stepped forward.

Jasmine (20) from Finland and Anna (22) from Vietnam have been on Twitter for three years since they became Bangladeshi boys. Those who have become “best friends” of each other beyond their nationality say, “At first, I liked the music of bulletproof boys, but I saw the music videos and SNS, and the members’ personality improved.” “I also have a sense of belonging to Ami, I think the message is very important. “

At the time of the moat and fan meetings, Lotte World Tower, City Hall, N Seoul Tower and other major landmark facilities in Seoul began to turn purple.

Fans in the Olympic Park took pictures against the backdrop of the Lotte World Tower, and some of them shook the purple lights on the ‘Ami Night’.

On the other hand, the Seoul concert also adhered to the principle that if a prospector and a spectator were not the same as a Busan fan meeting a week ago, they could not enter the venue. Because of this, some fans had to turn away.

A Japanese woman who met in front of the ticket office said, “I changed my name after marriage, but there is no document to prove it, so I can not exchange tickets.

Kim (17), a high school student, pointed out, “It is good to certify the applicant’s identity.

On the other hand, there was a lot of stance that the same principle of the tenderer-spectator should be strictly observed in order to eliminate the demand in the situation where there is no countermeasure to completely block the transaction of the table mark.

On this day, SNS did not want to sell or buy a fan meeting ticket a few hours later. Some of them put a price of more than 90,000 won in the list price, offering a price of over 1 million won.

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