Oh Myeong-cheol, the exiled prisoner who had a grudge against the topography, killed Park Sun-ho instead of the topography. Although eleven months passed, the landlord was struggling with his resignation without being able to return to the police due to guilt and suffering.

At that time, webtoon writer Shin Ga-hyun (Nam Ji-hyun) was hurt by her two paralyzed legs and lost her dog’s floor. As a result, Shin Ga-hyun had a painful day in conflict with both friends and lovers.

There was a mysterious call to such a topography owner. The sender was Lee Shin (Kim Ji-soo), and Lee Shin has been making unpredictable suggestions to accurately predict future thinking and give him the opportunity to go to the past.

As a result, the topography headed to the place where Lee Shin said, and there were various people waiting for him, including Shin Gahyeon, in addition to the topography.

Lee Shin offered to give them a chance to ‘reset’ to go back to the past exactly a year ago. However, you can only send memories of yourself to your body a year ago. Ishin gave the faith by accurately predicting the lottery number in front of the unbelievers, and eventually those who agreed with Lee’s proposal went back together a year ago.

After confirming that Park Seon-ho was alive, the topography visited Oh Myeong-cheol. Following the rescue, Oh Myeong-cheol, who fell down, bought a drink and healed his anger. However, Oh Myeong-cheol still dreamed of revenge plans, and the topography owners noticed all of this and planned operations in advance. Eventually, Oh Myeong-cheol was arrested as an attempted murder by police.

Shin Ga-hyun, who returned to the past with a reset, is a fine bridge and has a peaceful day by taking a walk with Maru. Then, by chance, he encountered a topography, and found out that Shin Ga-hyun was the topography who was temporarily protecting the lost floor. However, Shin Ga-hyun was frustrated once more by accidentally witnessing the kiss of her friend, Democratic Young (Min Do-hee) and lover Han Woo-jin (Lee Hyun-soo), who had promised marriage.

The resetters who participated in the reset gathered in the same place again on the day set according to the promise with Lee Sin. However, Park Young-gil (Jeon Seok-ho) did not come. To the curious resetters, Lee Shin-byung revealed to Park Young-gil that “Mr. Young-gil Park has died.”

Meanwhile, MBC ‘365: One Year Against Destiny’ is a drama about the mystery survival game of those who are trapped in an unknown fate the moment they return to a year ago dreaming of a perfect life. It is broadcast on.

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