Yuri released his first album
Girls’ Generation A sole picture depicting the autumn sensibility of the glass was revealed.

Fashion magazine ‘Singles’ released an attractive picture of Girls’ Generation which released its first solo album on April 4. This picture was decorated with cover for the November issue of Singles.

In the picture, the glass overwhelmed the camera with a distinctive charisma pose and eyes perfectly suited to the various winter outer of Corbett Blanc.

Yuri released his first album, “The First Scene,” which proves his identity as a solo artist. It is direct from the title. I felt as soon as I heard the sensual feeling. It’s the first song on the album. ”

As a charismatic soloist, she is well known for her solo work, “she wanted to show her the possibility of broadening her spectrum as a solo artist. I am grateful that there are people who can do what I want to do and who like it rather than think that I want to be recognized for their abilities. My happiness tells me that it is happiness for me, in fact, it is not something that recognizes me as it is. ”

Yuri Yuri, who has included a variety of genres from pop dancing to ballad and bossa nova, said, “I thought I would like to feel a sense of pride as if I had seen a movie by listening to the entire album. So I put a cinematic element and I divided the track into a scene number. The final track is titled “Ending Credit.”

Yuri is also playing a role as a bright and lovely “Bok-seung-ah” through the MBC entertainment drama ‘Dae Jang-gum is watching.’ Yuri said that the characters who play this show are ” There is a lot of curiosity. I heard that the characters that projected the actual appearance of Seon Hye-yoon’s director are actually similar to the director’s. I am watching closely the bishop to dissolve the lovely images, “he said.

Yuri spent 12 years as a member of Girls’ Generation. Yuri said, “The name Girls’ Generation is a strong hedge, a home for me. It is a place where you work hard outside and greet you always warmly. Later, we will be in our forties and look forward to seeing them again. ”

Girls ‘Generation’ s “Emergency” is expected to increase the likelihood that she does not want to define herself as one.

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