Jovin said he has been a singer like the two outs in the ninth.
On the afternoon of the afternoon, group Norazo appeared as a second guest in the TVN entertainment program ‘300 Xtu’ and performed a joint stage with 262 people.

On this day, the group Norazo appeared as a musician of today. Norazo was connected to the window of communication ‘Tetokkhang’ and was delighted with the hot response. Today’s mission performance was revealed. I had to follow the representative motions of the ‘Superman’ song, which is like putting your hand on your shoulders like you were at a dinner party.

Mothers in their 60s and 70s who attended Aquacobes in Pocheon attended and attracted attention. One mother said, “I enjoyed singing Norazo when I was working out. I want to be an avid fan.” There was a time to enjoy Taechang choreography, and one mother danced in front of MC boom and shouted “I am young at heart even though I am older.”

Norazo began his tremendous stage with his front blocked. At the end of verse 1, Norazo and the Tangchangers met for the first time, and they were impressed by the illusion of deterioration.

The appearance of a cider bottle on the head of 300 people was a spectacular sight. MC Ganghodong asked JoBin about the opportunity to stand on stage when not all 300 people could come.

Jovin replied, “I used to have honey butter chips in the past, but I can not touch the real thing because I have somewhere but I can not get to know that there is a fan of Norazo. .

The number of fans who attended was 262. ‘Xtu’ is a way of doubling the donation for 300 fans, and if one does not attend, the donation will be decided by the number of people.

It was a disappointing result, but Norazo and the 262 Étangers played an enthusiastic joint.
“I’ve been a singer like a couple of outs in the ninth time in a while,” Jovin said. “It made me come to this stage when I wanted to live a wonderful life.”

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